Part 5

This might be hard to hear

I watched my mom depend on my dad for a lot. My mom is highly educated, a pharmacist, incredibly smart, and thoughtful. But when it came to my dad, it was like she couldn’t own any of that. 

She would rely on my dad to make all kinds of decisions. It was like she couldn’t make a choice without his input. 

I remember thinking when I was little that  I would never depend on a man the way my mom depends on my dad.. 

This wasn’t something I consciously remembered thinking or vowing, until I started to unearth my Karmic Patterns.

I knew I wanted to be an independent woman. 

I knew I didn’t ever want to need a man. 

And this very unconscious choice that I made when I was little ( I don’t remember what age), had me stuck in a pattern of pushing love away in all my interactions with men while dating. 

Again, I didn’t consciously know any of this.

But needing to be independent, put a cap on how much love I was capable of receiving. 

It set me up to have relationships with limited intimacy. 

It left me often feeling lonely within relationships, feeling trapped, wondering why I couldn’t feel the love and care from someone that was clearly trying to love me.

Fearing being dependent on a man also meant closing my heart. 

It was my way of protecting myself. To not feel the pain that I interrupted my mom had felt with my dad. 

Again, I had zero awareness of this. 

This was just one Karmic Pattern that resulted in Hemal breaking up with me when we were dating and why we were close to divorce two years into marriage. 

In fact, this pattern had me choosing men that were also protecting themselves, that weren’t ready to emotionally open up to me. 

Love isn’t about being in a relationship that retains your independence or has you dependent, although it can seem like that on the surface. 

Love is about surrendering to its ability to shape you,evolve you and heal you. If you’re open to that. 

99% of people aren’t, even if they say they are. They want to cling to protecting themselves, which the brain is wired to do, but it  only sets you up for attracting in men that are almost what you want, or sets you up to see very little traction in your love life. 

This is why Soul Level Love is groundbreaking. 

It’s 10 years of proven results. 

Successful, smart, high-achieving, aware woman after woman has dug deep, released her Karmic Patterns, and found love that deeply fulfills her, a love that has her feel seen and held in a way she’s  NEVER experienced before. 

There is nothing like it out there. Not even therapy can hold a candle to the results that the women that choose to be courageous to embark on this deep level of work receive. 

It’s not easy. It takes work, you will have to face some fears, but the rewards are priceless.

A sense of freedom, a renewed trust in yourself, no more questioning, in fact the opposite, you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt who’s right for you and who’s not. 

You’ll call in high-quality men everywhere you go. You’ll be pursued by men you like and that inspire you. 

Best of all, when you find the right man, you’ll know how to navigate the ups and downs of love, you’ll know how to keep your heart open so that you lead him in keeping his open too, so you both reach new levels of intimacy. 

If you’re sitting there thinking, but I’ve tried it all already, maybe I’m too broken, or what if I do all of this work, and I’m still single, then I will feel even worse, what if love just isn’t in the cards for me. 

Love shouldn’t be this hard anyway. 

If that resonates with you then read this next part really carefully. 

If you choose to believe that you’re too broken or love isn’t in the cards for you, what happens?

How does that belief hold you back from taking action?

Really ask yourself that question.

Because I will tell you this. 

You’re the kind of woman that doesn’t quit, even when it gets hard. 

You don’t settle. 

You demand the best of yourself and others. 

And here’s the thing, EVERYONE has blindspots and blocks to love, but few ever do anything about it.

In fact 99% of people settle, without even knowing it. 

If you want to be part of the 1% who chooses to unearth and release their Karmic Patterns, so they can feel a renewed sense of confidence and trust, calling in soul level love in their lives, then you have to put on your big girl pants and say YES to how worthy you are of this kind of love. 

We hold your hand through Soul Level Love process, that’s why you’ll see lasting results within weeks. Not months or years. 

We care about your results and we are committed to you having soul level love. 

I know you’ve got it ALL, but this part of your life is missing. Let’s change that. 

You deserve a man that adores you, cherishes you, someone you’re proud to walk into a room with,  a man that’s your equal, that makes your life BIGGER. 

You are worthy of that kind of love.

With love,



If you are ready committed to transforming your love life, opening your heart to receive the kind of love that you are worthy of and are meant for, and if you’re willing to do the work to ensure you don’t settle, then we can give you the step by step game plan to make that happen. 

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