Tried it all when it comes to your mom, probably not this...

When I ask women this question… 

“if you could have the kind of relationship that you really, deeply desire with your mom, what would that relationship be like?” 

Many of them say… 

“I just don’t know if I can have what I really want with my mom, because I’ve tried it all. She just isn’t emotional enough, she isn’t capable of hearing me, she doesn’t understand me, she treats me like a child, she doesn’t respect me, or she’s borderline narcissistic.” 

Do any of those resonate with you? 

Notice how just asking the question, ”IF you could have exactly what you want with your mom…” gets translated into an automatic I can’t have what I want. 

And this is coming from women that I know don’t like settling in their lives. These are women committed to living a life that feels extraordinary. 

But when it comes to thinking about their difficult, hard, tense relationship with their moms, even the idea that it could be different gets shut down by the mind. 

And there’s good reason for that. 

You’ve been hurt and disappointed over and over again in your relationship with her and so you’ve conditioned yourself to accept it, distance yourself, or if you have to be around her, you’ve just gotten used to shutting down parts of who you are. 

Maybe you feel responsible for your mom, like you need to make her happy, and that burden has been weighing on you for years. 

But then… 

You’ll see how your friend and her mom interact and wish you had that kind of relationship with your mom, one filled with trust and mutual respect. 

You’ll see pictures on Facebook about how a friend went on vacation with her mom and the amazing time they had and there’s a pang in your heart. 

You’ll be at a family event, and wish your mom could be different so you could connect and enjoy these precious moments together, or even have her show up as a supportive grandmother. 

And you know that time keeps ticking; she’s getting older, and you don’t want to live with all of this anger, pain, and resentment. 

If you feel any of these things… 

I’ve got good news for you! 

There’s absolutely a way to completely shift your relationship with your mom, even if it feels impossible right now. 

There’s a way to release the hurt, anger, and upset, and come to a place of true connection. 

A place of connection where your mom sees you, gets you, and can be there for you, even if you’ve had years of conflict and misunderstanding. 

A place of connection where you can access YOUR truth and voice who you really are, and feel acceptance from your mom. 

A place of connection where you feel a bond with her, one that has you feeling like she’s behind you no matter what. 


If you’re someone that… 

Doesn’t settle and doesn’t want to settle in the most influential relationship in your life, the one with your mom, 

Is open to acquiring the skills to really have what you want with your mom and have it last, 

Is tired of trying to figure this relationship out with your mom all by yourself, and want to feel free and good when around her… 

If you can relate to any of the above, then I’m excited to make the time to show you how you can have this connected relationship, in the way you want it, with your mom.