How saying “my mom did the best she could” is keeping YOU stuck

Here’s what I often hear from professional, smart ambitious women that come to me desiring a relationship with their mom, BUT have told themselves the following…

“She did the best she could.”

“I need to just let it go and lower my expectations.”

“I just need to forgive her.”

“I just know she’s not capable of more.”

“She’s not going to change and it takes two.”

And why have you told yourself one or many of these? 

Here’s the truth…

It’s just too painful to even think about getting vulnerable and wanting more with your mom just to be met with disappointment, hurt, and upset all over again. 

But here’s the thing…

Those thoughts are actually keeping YOU stuck, keeping you in denial.

In fact it’s the very reason you might feel…

Disconnected from your daughter.

Yourself becoming your mom in the ways you hate with your kids.

Like you can’t find your purpose in your work and thrive.

Like you question your worth, which is keeping you from achieving more.

Like you’re mothering your husband or partner.

Like you have everybody’s back but no one has yours.

Watch the video below to understand exactly why telling yourself these things is keeping you from living your best life.

Note: I did this FB Live before Mother’s Day, so I reference that, but what I say in this video is timeless.